pharmatech process equipments


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Central feeding of unfiltered liquid ensures

  • Single pass clear filtration.
  • Full Batch recovery of the filtrate.
  • No Scavenging of the filtrate.
  • Complete Cake retains on the Plate.
  • Uniform distribution of cake on each plate.
  • Reduce the cost of treatment of Catalyst, Toxic Chemicals.
  • Less Exposure to the operating person.
  • No contamination of the internal surface of the Shell.

Equal thickness of the Cake on each plate ensures

  • Minimum amount of solvent required to wash the Active Material from the Cake.
  • Reduce the cost of expensive solvents.
  • Cake can be thoroughly dried either by compressed air or by inert Gas.
  • Uniform Filter – Aid Bed can be formed

Closed System ensures :

Filtration of Toxic, Hazardous, Explosive materials/ Unit can be sterilized

Plate pack arrangement ensures :

Any type of filtering media singularly or in combination,
can be used to achieve required micro efficiency. Easy removal and cleaning of the Cartridge Assembly.

Additional provision of External Tightening Arrangement ensures :

Tightening of the Cartridge, Assembly during Filtration

Working Pressure :

Minimum 0.1 Kg / Cm2 & maximum 10 kg/cm2

Working :

The Cartridge assembly consists of plates, perforated screens, spacers and fitter media. Interlocking spacers internally form single pipeline. The unfiltered liquid is centrally fed under pressure from bottom inlet.

The liquids spreads out equally on each plate fitted with filter media.
Solids remain on filter media and clear. Filtrate flows through precisely made holes on sides of plates and collects in the shell,
which then comes out through the outlet. In this process, solids are evenly distributed on each plate.

At the end of the cycle the cake can be dried by applying compressed air or inherit gas.

Material of Construction :

Stainless Steel: SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316 L

Optional :

For hot filtration application S.S. Jacket can be provided around and at the bottom of the shell, for circulation of heat transfer media viz, hot water, Steam or thermic fluids.


Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes, I.V. Fluids, Dyes & Chemicals, Activated Carbon, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Varnishes, Polymers,
Resins & Paints, Sugar Syrup, Food, Plant Water Polishing, Fruit Juice, Soft drink, Beer & Liquors, Edible & Non-Edible Oils.


Filtration area and cake holding capacity have been computed for standard models 8″, 14″, 18″ and 33″ Ø.
The values of flow rates mentioned in technical specifications have been estimated for the following operating parameters:
a) Fluid: Water
b) Insoluble: Carbon
c) Filter media : Non-woven polypropylen cloth of 418 grade.
d) Carbon loading : 5 kg/m2 filteration area.

The actual flow-rate will differ from the estimated value depending on the operating variables.