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  • Capacity – 5kg to 3000kg.
  • Single & Multi Vessel design with Interchangeable Customised units.
  • Stationary and Mobile options.
  • Stationary and Mobile options.
  • Atomized operative controls.
  • PAT enabled units.
  • Easily cleanable and completely untouched process, hence less chance of contamination.
  • All contact parts made of Stainless Steel 316 and non contact part SS 304 material.
  • All pipelines are electro polished from inside and joints are easy open able.
  • Complete cover lifting arrangement to facilitate cleaning at the time of product change over.
  • Especially semi-contra & Double contra designed anchor stirrer with flexible Teflon scrapers.
  • The plant is provided with pre-mixing wax and water phase vessels and the main manufacturing vessel.
  • The main vessel is provided with a slow speed anchor agitator for mixing and a bottom high speed homogenizer for emulsifying.
  • Variable speed drive provided for main anchor stirrer assembly for different speeds.
  • Jacketed vessels for heating/cooling processes.
  • Inspection glass with illumination.
  • Specially designed inline filters can also be provided to ensure proper filtration.

Optional Requirement

  • Load cell for accurate weighing.
  • PLC based control panel for process automation.
  • Contra type agitator for calcium base toothpaste.
  • The Ointment Manufacturing Plant / Cream Manufacturing Machine is suitable for manufacturing pharmaceutical ointments, sterile preparations, cosmetic creams, suspensions, gels, etc.

Equipment you get with Ointment Manufacturing Plant.

  • Wax heating Vessel.
  • Water Melting Vessel.
  • Manufacturing vessel.
  • Storage vessel.
  • Interconnecting pipeline
  • Pumps -Lobe Pump and metering pumps.
  • Integrated automatic control panel.
  • Working Platform.